Just thought I’d let y’all know how much I love my cooler. It gets used everyday in the South Texas oilfield, and I am yet to see any signs of wear and tear on it. I’ve been asked several times what it is and where they can get their hands on one. Great product by great people!

I love giving my business to a company whose product is made in USA and who supports our troops and Veterans.

Thanks guys!

Dillon Michalk

icehole in the back of a truck

Dear ICEHOLE Coolers,

The weight and strength my son was feeling on the end of his 7 ft heavy action graphite rod was like nothing he had ever experienced before. I helped him as he held the fishing rod high over his head to improve the angle of the line in the water. We pushed my gear to the edge of its limits. The 30# braid line made strange hissing and whistling noises as it cut through the water while we strained to keep the powerful fish off the rocks surrounding the bottom of the jetty. The fight was an epic dance/ fencing match along the ice-slick, jagged rocks of Packery Jetty, ending up in the landing of a beautiful oversized redfish. The high fives and look on my sons face has become one of my happiest memories. I became concerned because there were several days left in the fishing trip and I would not be able to fillet the fish until we returned to our house, 4 hrs from the coast. We gutted the fish and threw it in the ice chest.

Amazingly, 4 days later, there was still plenty of ice in my ICEHOLE Ice Chest and all the fish caught were so cold it hurt my fingers when I handled them. The grilled redfish, basted w fresh rosemary sprigs and garlic butter, grilled over mesquite coals was amazing! My kids picked the serving platter clean and told me it was “…the best fish they aver had!” Thanks ICEHOLE for being a piece of gear that I can count on, even when I push it to the limit!

David Carpenter

caught a big fish

I spent 10 days camping with my M1 in the Sacramento Mountains and still had ice in it on DAY 10. I couldn’t believe it! Honestly, I thought 3-4 days would be great and figured we’d go in to town to grab more ice when we needed it.

I got the M1, M60 and M35 and can’t figure which one I like more. These things are indestructible and keep food cold forever. Amazing products. I have a few friends with YETIs and they all wish they bought ICEHOLEs after seeing mine.

Great stuff.

Josh Motlong

I greatly appreciate the consideration and attention to customer satisfaction. That kind of concern goes a long way . .

Jeff M.